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Date: February 23, 2011

A lot of things going on!

Date: June 2008

Mrs. Haezebrouck: I was given a certificate for being on the honor roll three times this year! See her page we created today! <Click Here>

Date: March 7, 2005

"Mary Had A Little Lamb"


What has been going on in my life...

We have a new puppy. He is a Westie. He is like a small version of a Scottish Terrier.


Hi!!! Do you know what my favorite animals are?

Monkey's and my dog, Coconut!

I have a new blog page: http://www.pinkteddybears.blogspot.com/

I went to a water park hotel. My cousins went with me!!

The worse thing was every1 hour and 30 minutes they cleaned the pool. It took 30 minutes!

The fun things were I got to spend time with my cousins. I made new friends too!,


Meet GadgeGirl3000. She will talk to you about anything!

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